Kill the cable

A few months ago we took the decision to get rid of cable. After all the extras/premium channels it was costing us oevr $150/m for something we were not sure we needed.

I called and got it cut off,  we sent both cable boxes back to RCN and upgraded our internet to the fastest connection, bringing down our monthly bill substantially. Landlines had been removed a while ago already.

We are not anti watching TV so why did we do this? Found we were watching a small number of enjoyable shows and the rest was just a filler while we were in the lounge. You know how you turn on the TV automatically and start scrolling for something.

A void was not left, in its place an $99 Apple TV* with Netflix subscription to take advantage of the speedy connection. Now between Netflix and the iTunes on demand library we can watch what we want to watch without finding ways to kill our time – Jersey Shore anyone? An analogy is a buffet vs a la carte restaurant.  Sure you may eat more at the buffet, but you may also find you enjoyed the a la carte food more, and most likely your body will appreciate it more also. Your cable box is your TV buffet sitting in the lounge waiting.

Kill the cable, save money and time.

*Techiedad postscript

Although I bought an Apple TV in this case am not an Apple fanboy, were many choices which you can use to also to replace the cable, such as the Roku.  Also, think this will becoming more and more common in the next few years as with the blurring of computing and media has removed the technological reason for cable – that being computing could not support a competitive amount of content streamed via wifi compared to a cable install. Well, now it can. I’m sure in the future they will figure out far better ways to kill your time by increasing the content delivered to your TV via the web. Message here is use the on demand potential here to save money by paying for only what you want to watch and not browsing for ways to kill time.


2 comments on “Kill the cable

  1. We did the same thing! I got my parents to do the same. I think it is better to be able to watch what you want at the precise moment that you want to watch it. I only have a limited amount of time to squeeze in some of my favorite shows, so this works for me.

    • Great! Yes there is way too much on the networks and now you can get such a lot on Apple TVNetflix and the rest.

      Cable is an old fashioned out of date technology as HD on demand streaming via the web hits. Already it makes financial sense for a few to switch, in 5 years it will be almost everyone.

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