Crafty Chef!

My husband and I love cooking. Last year, we came up with a fun cooking game we call Crafty Chef. It’s kind of like a do at home Iron Chef. This is how you play.


1) At least 2 people must play. One person cooks the other(s) choose the ingredients.

2) Person getting ingredients: your job is to get 10 random ingredients (no more, no less). Try and choose a main (like tofu, seafood, poultry, etc…, an ingredient for dessert and maybe an ingredient for a starter, and fill in the rest). Chef can use any condiments in kitchen like salt, pepper, olive oil, etc… Cannot use extra items like add broccoli, or oranges, things like that.

3) You present the chef with the ingredients. Chef makes dinner creatively using all the ingredients.

4) Take pictures and enjoy! Couples should alternate who cooks. We usually do crafty chef twice a month.

** We can’t wait for Issy to get to that age when she can partake in Crafty Chef. We think its going to be a fun and great way to teach her how to choose healthy ingredients and make delicious and creative meals out of it.

Crafty Chef Challenge a la Parenthlete Dad

This is an example of a Crafty Chef we did a few months ago where Parenthlete Dad was the chef. Ingredients were…

1) Scallops

2) edible flowers

3) plums

4) arugula

5) penne pasta

6) trumpet mushrooms

7) honey

8) white truffle oil

9) heavy cream


Result:  Seared scallops with plum sauce that was reduced ornamented with edible flowers (scallops, plums, flowers). Pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce and white truffle essence (pasta, mushrooms, heavy cream, truffle oil). Minty plum martini (plum, mint, flowers), honey plums.

Wish you were there to try it all. It was delicious!


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