Parenthletes of the Week!

Rita and Eric

Having transitioned from the corporate world after having her first baby, Rita shares how hubby and her balance their new life as first time parents, working from home, and healthy living.

Location: Bergen County, New Jersey

Careers: Mom works from home setting up an Etsy business, Dad works in IT

Kids: 1 son, 15 months old!

Healthy Lifestyle: Walking, In line skating, bike rides, kick box, and healthy home cooked meals

You can visit her blog at:

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The man cave – HER perspective

Recently my husband complained to me that I took over his man cave. I looked at him puzzled and said “man cave? what is that? the bathroom???”. He responded and said, “my MAN cave has turned into a factory”. Ohhhh yes, that man cave! Yes honey, the man cave has been taken over by the Lady cave. Oh yeah!!! Continue reading

took an evening walk on Brooklyn Promenade

this evening, the one before the 10th anniversary of 9/11, amazed and proud to see the progress of the Freedom Towers. In remembrance of those affected here are 2 photos we took:
America faces another challenge in the next decade, that of how to pay for the credit crunch, and the new contagion effects from the European sovereign crisis.  This is the most concise summary of the problem i have seen: Continue reading

Parenthlete of the week

Happy Friday everybody! Starting next week, we’ll be featuring our “Parenthletes of the week” every Friday. On spotlight next week,  is a great family of 3 living in sunny Southern California who will share some insight into how they balace careers, triathlon and marathon training, and ofcourse, family life and running after their active toddler. If you would like to nominate awesome Parenthletes to be featured in our blog, send us your nominations to !

Labor day weekend, and a little about legs

(…and a pic of some little legs)the forecasters messed up in New York again! After checking the forecast and seeing a weekend full of thunderstorms I decided not to plan any out of manhattan adventures for this weekend. Instead the weekend was largely spent doing a (little) training for the upcoming Montauk Tri and getting things sorted on other other legs of my work world. Continue reading

Quick vegetable soup

When I was in college, I think I was on a soup diet for a major part of it. Soups are easy, cheap and highly nutritious (if you use the right ingredients). All my soups are made up as I cook and I was able to write down my ingredients for this one.  The recipe is vegetarian, but i’ve included the non-vegetarian version and the baby version.
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