Family and Business – Guidelines for a healthy future

   “Dont take work home.Take a chill pill before coming home”.  You’ve probably heard it at some point or another. The first few months of starting our company, my husband and I had no rules about the business etiquette and it was creating a mess. Family and business if not handled properly can get out of hand. . The following business etiquette/rules are ones we came up with for us.

1) Set your business hours. Business hours are from 7am-7pm monday-friday. NO business talk at all after those hours. This can be very hard to stick to especially when things get busy.

2) Email is the best way of business communication. My husband and I are also business partners,so all business matters including comments, updates, questions, via our business email. This keeps things professional, straight forward, organized and limits confrontation.

3) R-E-S-P-E-C-T each other. Dont use words like, your plan sucks. Use positive criticism.

4) Assignment of duties. In the corporate world, people have titles and job duties. If you are the boss, you give your juniors their tasks and due dates and try to avoid micromanaging.  It should be no different in running your own business. Understand and clarify what each others duties are and try to work as a team to achieve your goals. Avoid micromanaging and trust your business partner that he/she will make the most informed decisions.

4) Change the setting when business closes for the day. We do triathlons so exercise is our change of setting. It lets us clear out our minds after working all day and we come home and have dinner and end our night on a positive note. If its a rest day or we just are too lazy to work out, then we go out for a walk with our dog.


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