Add an item for YOU in the pre-baby shopping list – a camera

Shown from left to right, Canon EOS Rebel T3, 60D and 5d mk II

Shown from left to right, Canon EOS Rebel T3, 60D and 5d mk II

We spent a good part of the 3rd trimester preparing all those things a baby requires, its a long list though you might be lucky to get some bases covered in the baby  shower.

If the budget allows (and you have not yet acquired one of course), a great purchase is a new camera . Once the baby arrives you will be spending a lot of time at home, and a strong desire to take countless photos of the little one matched only by the demand to see them from friends and relatives! An iphone just won’t cut it, so a new camera is also for the gadget minded a great new toy to geek out with when you have a moment, seeing as a lot of previous pursuits of leisure time such as eating out will take a noticeable dive.

A point’n’shoot will do very nicely, there are some really great little ones on the market now, if budget/interest allow though a digital SLR is the way to go. These are now at a point where a little extra expenditure reaps huge leaps in performance and , we think, user satisfaction. The years to come photography is a great casual interest to indulge in, especially during vacations. It turns out that in buying the camera we developed enough of an interest in photography to be able to take our own photos for our developing business.

The big choice to make when you have gone for the SLR option is then Nikon or Canon, I went Canon for no other reason then some photographer friends used Canons.  Links to Amazon as its my goto store for pretty much anything before doing some real research. For those in NYC though, B&H is the best option, its a mecca for NYC photographers and has to be seen to be believed. Most of  the pics on this site are taken with either an EOS 50D or 5D mk II.

Basic SLR  :  Canon EOS Rebel T3,      Prosumer SLR  :   Canon EOS 60D ,      Professional SLR  :  Canon EOS 5d Mk II  – they actually filmed many TV shows and films using this, House being one!


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