Labor day weekend, and a little about legs

(…and a pic of some little legs)the forecasters messed up in New York again! After checking the forecast and seeing a weekend full of thunderstorms I decided not to plan any out of manhattan adventures for this weekend. Instead the weekend was largely spent doing a (little) training for the upcoming Montauk Tri and getting things sorted on other other legs of my work world.

Someone wise(r then i) once told me how they view different components of their life as being like legs that support them. Examples being your career, family, wife, friends, hobbies and kids. As life is uncertain,  one may crack or break without warning, the more of these legs you have the more stability there is. There being no such thing as a free lunch however, each of these legs requires an investment of time to succeed, and there will be varying degrees of correlation to success/failure between them. Note that correlation is often not what it seems, I’ve seen career legs take what appears to be a large setback (loss of job, income, credit crunch) where the family have ended up a lot happier with less of the green papery stuff.

Anyway, back to the weekend. I spent a good part of which working on the other legs, in particular building a website and writing content for that. Its been 10 years since i worked on web design, enough time to not only forget most of what i knew, but forget what i have even forgotten! Also this blog launching this very weekend in fact, although this I would class as a new leg altogether falling somewhere between work and hobbies (more the latter) . Perhaps I did not achieve new levels of fitness or do a long family weekend. I can walk into work tuesday though safe in the knowledge that I have a brand new leg growing. How about that for a weekend!?


4 comments on “Labor day weekend, and a little about legs

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