The man cave – HER perspective

Recently my husband complained to me that I took over his man cave. I looked at him puzzled and said “man cave? what is that? the bathroom???”. He responded and said, “my MAN cave has turned into a factory”. Ohhhh yes, that man cave! Yes honey, the man cave has been taken over by the Lady cave. Oh yeah!!! But I have to admit that he has a point. I have indeed taken over his man cave, where he could play his guitar (softly-neighbors have a baby) and play starcraft obsessively ( i really dont get it). It has now turned into our hub/warehouse/thinking room/packaging room/sewing room/creative/filled with empty redbulls/endless rolls of fabric/and sort of a hazard room. Of course the rest of our apartment is spotless and neat. In a way it shows my piscies personality (one side very obsessively neat, and the other a disaster zone). But I told him that I would return his Man Cave. When a man gets married, more than likely your home will  resemble “her”. I bet that duvet in your bedroom was chosen by you, and those fluffy pillows on the living room sofa were really not his choice. “honey I went to pottery barn and bought some fluffy blue pillows and a matching throw”. No, I cant even picture him saying that. So on my agenda is to redesign my husbands MAN cave so cool that he will want to have a guys poker night complete with cubans and single malt scotch in his MAN cave. BUT I will also redesign my Lady cave.

Top 2 Reasons to have His and Her caves

1.Express yourself

Caves are perfect for that. Put pictures of your favorite things, friends, favorite books…Remember when you lived at home, and you finally had your own room, no longer had to share with sibling. It was the place for you to express yourself. You could put your bed however you wanted. It was YOUR place. It almost felt like your own little studio, of-course the rest of the house had to be kept the way it is or else mom would get very upset. Having a his and her cave, will allow for creativity to flourish, and let you have your ME time that you deserve.

2. Date nights in

Once I tried setting up dinner in a little corner in our living room, just to make things different. Sat by the windows, lit some candles, TV off  (no tv dinners in this home). It was actually very nice. You can invite your husband over for dinner at Le Lady Cave, put some fluffy pillows on the floor and order some ethiopian food and talk the night away as you sip some delicious honey wine. Invite him over by sending him a text like back when you were dating “dinner at my place at 7?”.

I’ll post pictures of our caves when they are ready….


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