Parenthletes of the Week!

Rita and Eric

Having transitioned from the corporate world after having her first baby, Rita shares how hubby and her balance their new life as first time parents, working from home, and healthy living.

Location: Bergen County, New Jersey

Careers: Mom works from home setting up an Etsy business, Dad works in IT

Kids: 1 son, 15 months old!

Healthy Lifestyle: Walking, In line skating, bike rides, kick box, and healthy home cooked meals

You can visit her blog at:

1. Tell us a little about yourselves and your typical weekday.

I’m a work at home mom so my weekdays vary all the time. While I work at home, life still revolves around our little one. We try to spend time outdoors every day for at least an hour if weather permits. It could be as simple as strolling around the neighborhood or walking to the park for playtime. Twice a week, we try to attend reading time at the bookstore.

2. How did you keep active before having children?

I like to walk, in-line skate, bike ride and kick box.

3. What adjustments did you make to your lifestyle to stay active after kids?

Not much really. Just walk or in-line skate while pushing the stroller now. Eric likes to jog and cycle.

4. What ages are your kids now and what activities do they enjoy?

My little one is 15 months old and loves just about everything. He particularly loves to dance, swim, climb, read and play with his cousin. My 13-year-old nephew also lives with us and he loves to play with our little one. They absolutely love each other. He also enjoys reading, swimming and karate.

5. What are your favorite activities to do with the whole family?

movie nights, play at the park, go for walks

6. Whats your favorite healthy meal?

We try our best to each healthy by cooking every day. I love fish in particular.

7. ….and your favorite indulgence?

I don’t really have one, but if I were to pick, I’d say Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

8. What are your favorite workout songs?

Before the baby, I used to listen to whatever was on my ipod and it has a variety of music on it. I enjoy anything with a fast beat when working out. Now that I walk or in-line skate with the little one, I don’t listen to music for safety reasons.

9. Do you have a favorite inspirational movie or book, if so which and why?

My favorite movie is “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams. It’s a great movie about how strong love can be and how it can beat all obstacles. As far as a book goes, I have several favorites, but one book that made an impact on my life was “Eat Pray Love.” At a time when things were very dim from my marriage to everything else, this book helped me find realizations about myself and saved my marriage.

10. Have you always been active or if not what inspired you into
living the parenthlete lifestyle?

Yes. I’ve always been active. I participated in a lot of sports as a teenager. In college I did mostly kick boxing, and dancing. Then as an adult I found walking was easy and enjoyable because you can do so anywhere without any gear.

11. Balancing a career, family life and fitness can be tough. Any other tips you have on this?

It can be, but it’s all about time management and flexibility. It’s important to manage your time. I try to plan out my week every Sunday. Decide what days I’ll work at home, work on my business, speak with my clients and playdates. But it’s also about being flexible. Sometimes things happen and your schedule won’t go as planned and you just need to roll with it.


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