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Oh, the time has passed by too fast. I’m reminded when I see pictures of Issy. This one is of Issy and her friend Vida…little Vida. They have known each other from before birth when Yazmin (Vida’s mommy) and I would get together. Im sure they had baby talks through our tummys about when they would arrive and they coordinated to have birthdays one day apart because of course you can’t share a birthday! This post is about life’s little surprises that make big impacts in our own lives. It’s a reminder to never give up and to always be the letter A…”Appreciative”. Here’s a little incredible story about a friend who almost lost her life and how she turned it all around.

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All clear for take off!

We live in Manhattan. If you are not familiar with apartment sizes, most people would describe a typical manhattan room to their suburban home walk in closet. We are fortunate to have a bigger sized apartment but still we have to be crafty of furniture placement to create the space. The last few weeks have been crowded to say the least. Over the months, we have accumulated supplies and materials for the launch of our first product. Today the courier came by to pick up ALL the materials to take them to our manufacturers. The apartment once again feels lighter and maybe less cushiony. You can imagine how much fabric we had if 1 roll of our insulation quilts weighs about 7 pounds/45 yards. We had several hundred pounds of fabric all together. So this is it. It’s out of my hands and now with the pros.

The letter A


Happy monday! Issy has started to learn the alphabet and this week it’s all about the letter A. This week’s letter A challenge is Appreciate.Remember to always be grateful for all that you have in your life especially the priceless ones.

Lessons i’ve learned

Starting a company is no small business, no matter what the size. You can easily find yourself overwhelmed with all the details and layers that make up a start up. Especially when you are new to it. Some days are good, others are a struggle. No matter what the status is, I constantly remind myself of the reason for starting Snug Theory and the importance of balance. I remind myself of these following to find balance and happiness in what I do: Continue reading

It’s never too late to change your life…even at 90


Over the last few days I’ve read more and more articles about people taking charge of their health and becoming active. Just recently Fauja Singh set the new record for the oldest man to complete a marathon at 100 years old. In the newest issue of USA triathlon there is an article about two 90+ athletes who have taken up triathlons to stay fit, young and healthy. Charlie Futrell (91) and John C Taylor (90) are an inspiration to many athletes young and old. They compete in triathlons in the warmer months of Florida and  run in the colder months, eat healthy and try to live a healthy lifestyle overall. Age has deteriorated their eyesight, one with a rotator cuff injury one with a knee replacement (possible for next one) and at times excruciating back pain, but even this has not stopped them from enjoying a fully active lifestyle. Futrell and Taylor balance their active lifestyles by also being active in their communities, and inspiring others to get up and get active, showing that you can get better with age and being a living proof of that. One piece of advice they gave was to remember to protect your skin. Wear your sunscreen!

During my pregnancy I put on quite a bit of weight (above what I should have), I craved sugar even in my dreams! Type 2 diabetes runs in my side of the family and I wanted to do everything possible to decrease my chances of getting it myself. I’m very lucky to have a husband who is very supportive. As new mother, I was struggling to get out of the zombie-like feel that I had from sleep deprivation, and was fighting through depression. PD took a step forward and got us P90x to get us both into fitness again. We took the challenge one day at a time, but after each day completed I felt exponentially better. I was functioning better, lost the 50 pounds i had gained, had so much more energy and we both felt alive again. When we completed p90x we wanted more. That more is what got us into triathlons. A year later, we have each completed 3 triathlons (both sprint and olympic distances) at respectable times and have our next year’s goals lined up already. For me it will be a few half marathons, a marathon, a swim race, and a couple triathlons. For both of us, it is hard to get to the gym and do the same stuff every day. Instead I like the challenges that I give myself in forms of signing up for endurance events. I can’t explain the high that you get after completing a triathlon. The best part of it is when you do an endurance event for a charitable purpose. But to us most importantly, living the parenthlete lifestyle means active lifestyle equals health future.  Make it natural for your kids to live healthy by doing so yourself and don’t forget to make it FUN! Not only are you changing your life, but you are engaging your family to live healthy.

 We double dare you to sign up for an event, whether its walking for breast cancer, running, swimming, cycling, Tris, whatever! It’s never too late to change your life. Here’s a link to some of our favorites.

Here’s a song I always listen to first when I go out for long runs….Slash

New jogger has arrived!


We bought a new jogging stroller today to replace our B.O.B. Hubby is tall at 6’1″ and found it very hard to push the B.O.B. as the handle was not adjustable. The mountain buggy has an adjustable bar and amazing steering. I LOVE it already. So tomorrow we will go out for a 12 mile run in our new buggy. Can’t wait!

Dear Issy…

Its true what they say about parenthood changing your outlook on life. The trials of pregnancy and then the ordeal of labor are some of the bigger challenges, and thats just from the dad’s perspective! I can only imagine how hard it is for the mother. At the end though is the start of a new and (for me) more rewarding part of life. Issy is our first baby (dogs excluded) and coming on 16m, learning new tricks everyday. Its one of the biggest adjustments in life you will make when that first baby arrives, and in the process we learnt a lot about ourselves and what is really important. – PD

Shedding those baby pounds..

…and we are not talking about those  gained by the mother.

Yes, I was surprised to find that weight gain during pregnancy is not limited to the mother to be! According to surveys men gain on average 14 pounds – New York Times reasons being more frequent eating out, bigger portions and so on. I can add that from personal experience if you were not the types who would even share a dessert that you will soon be ordering at least 2 of the things EVERY SINGLE TIME. Indeed rather then eating less as your ravenous partner seems to devour unnatural quantities of food, the man decides perhaps in a game of competition to similarly increase efforts to consume .  Call it ‘sympathy  eating’ if you like, I prefer the more honest ‘ if she is having that i am too!’ , and chances are you will eat more then usual and you still are only eating for one. Continue reading