Bacchus: a triathletes best friend

We all love to give ourselves reasons why drinking beer and wine is good for you. I was thinking to myself the other day that if I could choose where my next triathlon would be, it would have to be Spain. I would replace my GU for a glass of sangria. That would be heaven. I read this article that made my dream come true…sort of…without the alcohol.

In a recent study published by the department of Biochemistry at the University of Rio de Janeiro, studied drinking organic grape juice and its effects on triathletes. The study consisted of ten male triathletes who were given organic grape juice (300ml/day) for 20 consecutive days. Drinking organic grape juice was shown to improve glucose homeostasis, antioxidant capacity, and microvascular fucntion.  I think im going to restock my fridge with organic grape juice galore! I smell a business venture for someone here…endurance athlete fuel!


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