Lessons i’ve learned

Starting a company is no small business, no matter what the size. You can easily find yourself overwhelmed with all the details and layers that make up a start up. Especially when you are new to it. Some days are good, others are a struggle. No matter what the status is, I constantly remind myself of the reason for starting Snug Theory and the importance of balance. I remind myself of these following to find balance and happiness in what I do:

1) Why?

-Snug Theory started initially as a hobby. Something fun to bring into my life. I had just taught myself to sew basic things and it was an endless creative channel for me. With my little $130 basic sewing machine I made all sorts of things for my daughter and my dog. I love making things for people I love. The product that we are launching Snug Theory with is actually the 7th idea that we thought of launching with. The first 6 were a lot of fun, but business wise they just didn’t make it. But most importantly we didn’t believe in it enough. So why are we pursuing Snug Theory? 1) Create amazing products for our daughter and share them with you through Snug Theory 2) Create products that will Inspire others to live healthy and active lives as Parenthletes. This one is for Issy. Heck! Even our identification system is a mathematical model of the day our little Issy was born. She changed our lives, just as your children will change yours.

2) Relax

– Once upon a time, I was the complete type A crazy. Things had to be on time all the time and perfect. Anything different would be a disaster. A husband changes that a bit, but babies are a whole different story. It’s mostly about her now. Our days start at 6 am everyday, I wake up and make breakfast and pack lunch for my husband, feed my dog, get issy’s milk and snacks ready and out for our morning walk around central park.  Every day is different for me, 3 days out of the 5 (usually tue, wed, thur) during the week are mainly devoted to Snug Theory(the days I allow myself to be a type A), whether its meetings, designing, inventory, whatever…there is a lot to do. Monday is my clean up day…the oh so neverending pile of laundry, groceries,…and scrubbing my home from top to bottom. Friday’s is a more relaxed day, I take my dog out for a longer morning walk than usual and sit at the cafe and order myself a cappuccino with everything, a pastry and just enjoy the sun and the trees. It’s my day to slow things down a bit. Do some light cleanup, buy new flowers for the vases, and plan the following week. I do this on fridays as its freshest in my head but also because I do absolutely NOTHING on the weekends business wise. We are religious about this. During the week, anything business shuts down when my husband comes home. We focus on family time, healthy home cooked dinner and just enjoying each others company. The weekends we like to be outdoors, go out for long cycles, or runs, or drive somewhere. On Sundays i’ve taken up making a roast and ending our week on a relaxing and delicious note. We take enjoyment of life and relaxation very seriously.

3) Let go

Focusing on the business, training, healthy meals and relaxation time are all essential parts of balancing life. But one cannot forget genuine play time with your children. Yesterday as I was putting on a new duvet cover, Issy jumped on the bed and started to play hide and seek with me. In an instant, my head forgot about all the STUFF I had to do. I say stuff because I was reminded that everything else is really just stuff next to quality time with your kids. I jumped in the bed with her and we played and laughed so much for a good 20 minutes. Even Barkley, our corgi jumped on the bed (I allowed him just this time). It was a lot of fun, and we have in our secret agenda to get daddy in on this fun this weekend. We made a huge mess but we loved it. Issy is a very smart and playful baby so i have to constantly think of new ideas to keep her occupied. Today I started teaching her the letters of the Alphabet. Later on…we’ll play hide and seek again.


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