Winter is here! Take your bathing suits out!

Winter is approaching which means its time to condition our bodies. These next few months we will focus on establishing proper form and technique. For me it will be focused on swimming.  Not only is swimming a full body conditioning, but its also the most heavily demanding aerobic exercise. Top 3 reasons to put on your bathing suit this winter…

1) Get or stay in shape!

Whether you are in shape or overweight, joint pain, maybe even pregnant, swimming is a great no impact sport. For every mile swam, you loose an average of 3 calories per pound of body fat. In my books thats pretty good. With a good training routine, you’ll end up with those beautifully toned arms and ready for summer abs.

2) Finally some peace

I dont know about you, but when my head is submerged in that water, I feel the most focused and at peace. All I hear is the water swishing from side to side. No cabs honking, people screaming, not even your ipod. Just you and the water as one.

3) Extra time

The days we swim, we are home earlier and have extra time to enjoy our post dinner evening espressos. Anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes swimming, you are sure to get a good workout.

This picture was taken at our hotel in the big island.

Happy swimming!


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