My new fave luxury baby-site

Oh, the time has passed by too fast. I’m reminded when I see pictures of Issy. This one is of Issy and her friend Vida…little Vida. They have known each other from before birth when Yazmin (Vida’s mommy) and I would get together. Im sure they had baby talks through our tummys about when they would arrive and they coordinated to have birthdays one day apart because of course you can’t share a birthday! This post is about life’s little surprises that make big impacts in our own lives. It’s a reminder to never give up and to always be the letter A…”Appreciative”. Here’s a little incredible story about a friend who almost lost her life and how she turned it all around.

 Yazmin and her Doc hubby welcomed their first-born, little Vida last year. Like all of us new parents, a baby changes our lives from every aspect. Just a few months after Vida was born, Yazmin decided to open a website full of fashionably cute little treasures for your baby, hand-picked from around the world.

Just as she was going to launch her business, Yazmin was in an accident that almost cost her life. Most of us cannot really understand the trials and tribulations of having to endure such an event. Learning how to use her leg again, caring for a young baby and keeping her focus and strength is something that she has achieved.

With even more determination, Yazmin continued to build her website and has just launched The selection is absolutely chic. They carry designers such as Stella McCartney, Lamantine…just to name a few. She has an impeccable eye for fashion and  has hand selected luxury items from around the world to make available in

We need to remind ourselves that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and life never gives us anything we can’t do. When I was little, I was told that when things get tougher it’s life’s last test to see how much you really desire it. So keep on pushing!

Congratulations Yazmin and Co! You’ve come a long way. Time to celebrate your achievements!!


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