To a healthy Thanksgiving

This year, my family is coming over for Thanksgiving and then we are spending Christmas in Europe with PD’s family. My diet has been mainly vegetarian since birth so Turkey has never really been present for my Thanksgivings. My mom usually made an aromatic tofu turkey but this year we are doing the cooking and opting for non traditional.  So im spending most of my afternoon preparing the thanksgiving meal and a short trip to the manufacturers to check on progress. High on my list is making a tasty yet healthy meal we can all enjoy. Ofcourse we have a jog or two penciled into our calendars sometime this weekend as we’ve fallen in love with our Five Fingers. Highly recommend them.

This is what we are cooking:


Red energy Salad: beets, red cabbage, red onion, cranberries, almonds and chia seeds. Dash of olive oil and vinegar.


Creamy cauliflower soup with roasted onions (cauliflower, skim milk, flower, potato, onion, garlic, thyme, oregano, sage, vegetable stock, salt and pepper to taste)

Main (Parenthlete Dad cooking the mains):

Creamy Mushroom Ragu over fresh made pasta with shaved Truffles on top

Filet Mignon a la Matt 🙂


Herbed Brussel Sprouts and french pearl onions

Garlic sauted Spinach

Sarabeths Biscuits

Rosemary and garlic roasted potatos

Roasted corn on the cob

sauted mushrooms

cranberry sauce with chil tepin essence


Sugar free pumpin pies



A week of celebration


This week was full of celebration, a week of remembering what is important to us and a week to be thankful.

Sunday was Inspiration as we watched our friend Mitch finish his 4th NYC marathon in great time. This moment inspired us to go for it and do the NYC marathon next year along with our planned triathlons and maybe the Tour de Tucson…home sweet home.

Tuesday we met up with some good friends for some birthday drinks and found out that they are expecting which was incredible news! Future parenthletes on the way!! Afterwards we headed to watch one of our favorite artists, Jay Z. We were missing little Issy as the last time we went she was in my womb at 8 months.

Friday we sealed the deal and finally launched production! Jetsetting parenthletes will be picking up their Snug Squareds very soon! We finished the evening by making a delicious healthy dinner and opening a bottle of some bubbly and being thankful.

Saturday we celebrated our 3rd year anniversary of when we met by doing something healthy, a relaxing long run (Matt wearing his Vibram five fingers which are incredible…cant wait to get mine). Then headed off for a romantic dinner at Bobo and a post dinner drink at the place we first met. To think we have filled our lives with so much joy and health in just 3 years is hard to believe. I can’t even imagine what the next many many years to come will be like but am thankful for everything.

Triathlon season is over

We have our first winter after moving to triathlons, triathlons in NY being a summer sport means looking for some off-season substitutes. Spin classes are fun – in moderation – so we are looking for some other activities. After watching our friend run the marathon, I decided to tackle a marathon next year. Unlike parenthletemom I’ve had issues with running more then any other area during my Tri training, with the old knees especially playing up. Moving to the Nike Free Run shoes help a lot, and after reading this story in the NY times decided to take it to the next level (Its a great article which explains the barefoot running craze). Running in NYC totally barefoot seemed a bit too extreme for me so ended up with the following

These weird looking shoes have been highly reccomended by a few friends so took the leap. Being impatient after getting the idea in my head I purchased at Paragon Sports NY . Paraenthletemom was unimpressed with news of this latest purchase, feeling like i jumped the gun on her idea…


So far i’ve done everything the fivefingers except run


...watched TV...

…walked the dog….

....even eaten dinner in them

none of which helped alleviate Parenthletemom’s feeling that I somehow stole this idea. So we will run in them today after she has her own pair.. So far i can say they feel almost as unusual as they look, in a good way. You feel more mobile and while the soles are thin the rubber seems very tough like the kind they make tires with, so your feet have a protected feeling. One concern is the cold, after the morning walk with Barkley my toes were pretty numb and its going to get a lot colder yet, Will see if running moves the blood enough. What i can say though is these Five Fingers shoes are well made and a very interesting idea,  I can see why they are gaining a loyal following, and looking forward to testing how they work with my feet. If you are interested in trying them make sure if possible to try them on in a shop, I found the sizing of these ran quite differently to regular shoes and needed 2 sizes larger.