Take a sneak peak at Snug² by Snug Science!

After almost a year of getting our product and Snug Science set up, we are excited to say that we will finally be LAUNCHING. Taken at our product photoshoot this past weekend..here are a few sneak peak photogs.

Snug² extendable bunting by Snug Science.  

For infant to 4 years. 

Adjustable bottom AND  sleeves that grow with baby

Weatherproof and breathable

Insulated with only the best in the market… Primaloft ONE

Light reflectors for your visibility during your parenthlete evening jogs!

Fits most joggers, strollers, and car seats. 

Comes in 6 colors with matching mittens.

Launching Winter 2011

US Patent Pending.

With arms tucked in

With my sleeves I can finally read a book or  drink my milk without getting cold! 

Just chillin with daddy

and Removable fur 

Now with a product like this, you can jog these next few chilly months with a very snug and happy baby and train for a very NYC marathon with the Parenthlete Team!!


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