To a healthy Thanksgiving

This year, my family is coming over for Thanksgiving and then we are spending Christmas in Europe with PD’s family. My diet has been mainly vegetarian since birth so Turkey has never really been present for my Thanksgivings. My mom usually made an aromatic tofu turkey but this year we are doing the cooking and opting for non traditional.  So im spending most of my afternoon preparing the thanksgiving meal and a short trip to the manufacturers to check on progress. High on my list is making a tasty yet healthy meal we can all enjoy. Ofcourse we have a jog or two penciled into our calendars sometime this weekend as we’ve fallen in love with our Five Fingers. Highly recommend them.

This is what we are cooking:


Red energy Salad: beets, red cabbage, red onion, cranberries, almonds and chia seeds. Dash of olive oil and vinegar.


Creamy cauliflower soup with roasted onions (cauliflower, skim milk, flower, potato, onion, garlic, thyme, oregano, sage, vegetable stock, salt and pepper to taste)

Main (Parenthlete Dad cooking the mains):

Creamy Mushroom Ragu over fresh made pasta with shaved Truffles on top

Filet Mignon a la Matt 🙂


Herbed Brussel Sprouts and french pearl onions

Garlic sauted Spinach

Sarabeths Biscuits

Rosemary and garlic roasted potatos

Roasted corn on the cob

sauted mushrooms

cranberry sauce with chil tepin essence


Sugar free pumpin pies



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