The changing seasons

We live in New York, which means 4 real seasons.  Having lived in London most my life previously I’m used to this, but the New York seasons take it up a notch.  A by product of having such a cold winter seems to be a fascination with winter clothing, looking around the city this generally seems to mean “which North Face jacket shall i buy this year.” Continue reading


REI and our evening jog

I have to admit, we haven’t been the best parenthletes this week. We’ve been over consumed with work just days from launching and quite honestly the rainy weather hasn’t helped us either. We could go to the gym which is literally just down the street from us and even has a cresh to watch our baby. But we’d rather stay at home, veg out and enjoy a beer. Hey, we’re human. But 3 days without a nice refreshing run gets me a bit edgy. Call us crazy but we really do enjoy long runs, taking in all that winter sunshine that we so need. I always feel so energized, and literally stress free after a run. Those hormones released from exercise are amazing aren’t they? Continue reading

Its freezing! Is your baby warm?

As a New Yorker, your main mode of transportation is your two feet. If you have a baby like we do, it means bringing baby along in the stroller. Every morning I take Issy and our welsh corgi Barkley out for a walk. Central Park is at its most enjoyable early in the morning before 9am, when the local new yorkers take their pups out for off leash hours. The warmer months are filled with strollers and as the cold months set in the mom or dad walking that stroller is stroller less. But wait! You dont have to leave baby home! Here are some tips on how to dress your baby warmly in the freezing temperatures.

Continue reading