Its freezing! Is your baby warm?

As a New Yorker, your main mode of transportation is your two feet. If you have a baby like we do, it means bringing baby along in the stroller. Every morning I take Issy and our welsh corgi Barkley out for a walk. Central Park is at its most enjoyable early in the morning before 9am, when the local new yorkers take their pups out for off leash hours. The warmer months are filled with strollers and as the cold months set in the mom or dad walking that stroller is stroller less. But wait! You dont have to leave baby home! Here are some tips on how to dress your baby warmly in the freezing temperatures.

1) Thicker means warmer – MYTH

People in the outdoor industry are very well educated about this myth. With todays engineering advances in outdoor textiles and insulators, lightweight is the NEW.  Remember that scene in the Christmas Story where the little boy had to put on like a bazilion coats before going out? You don’t want to overheat your baby.   I personally like to use synthetic insulation like Primaloft because I stay warm but not to a point where im sweating. Primaloft is thin and very lightweight but keeps you as warm as down. It’s hypoallergenic which is a must for my allergies. When choosing clothing for my baby, I like to keep it lightweight. Be aware of what your baby products are actually constructed of regardless of what the manufacturer states.

2) The importance of Breathability

Along with excellent insulation you must also choose a product that is constructed with breathable fabrics. A breathable fabric resists water from going through, but allows water vapor to go out. This is what makes a jacket feel comfortably warm, not hot and sweaty. The outershell of the Snug² is constructed with Supplex Nylon which is a cottony soft nylon that is also windproof and breathable.

3) Base layer

If the temperatures are extreme you should add a base layer. I personally like to wear base layers made out of polartec fleece. Polartec is a well known fleece among outdoor enthusiast. It offers lightweight and breathability and comes in weights from 100 to 300. Choosing a onesie made out of polartec or an equivalent fleece as a base layer will keep your baby warm in the coldest winter months.

Here’s an interesting article I took from REI about choosing the perfect outdoor wear, and below what they had to say about Primaloft ONE, the insulation technology used in your Snug².

A Closer Look at PrimaLoft

PrimaLoft has emerged as one of the premier synthetic insulations in the outdoor marketplace. Vanessa Mason is the company’s global director of business development and the holder of a master’s degree in chemical engineering with a specialty in polymer sciences and materials. She addressed a few questions about PrimaLoft’s approach to synthetic insulation with

Q: PrimaLoft keeps edging closer to down in weight, compressibility and texture. How is that accomplished?

A: It’s our fiber technology. It’s the size of the fibers, the design or the structure of the fibers, and the types of proprietary treatments we put on our fibers.

Q: PrimaLoft has a good reputation among retailers and in the outdoor media. Yet some shoppers have second thoughts about PrimaLoft because of its relatively thin appearance compared to puffy down jackets. Should they be concerned?

A: That’s something people in this industry are educated about—thickness does not necessarily equate to warmth. But it’s difficult for some consumers to see that picture. Why does PrimaLoft work? Because it has an extreme microfiber structure. Think of a funnel. With PrimaLoft, you can fit greater number of smaller fibers in that funnel than you can with larger fibers (typical of older synthetic insulations). We just trap more air spaces, so we don’t need as much volume to trap as much air.

Q: Is PrimaLoft close to being the equivalent of down?

A: You can get anywhere from 450-fill-power down to 900-fill-power down. Look at pinnacle (superior) down products—900 at the top of the pyramid, 450 and 500 along the bottom. Then look at the pinnacle synthetics, and PrimaLoft One is the best synthetic insulation you can buy. The pinnacle synthetic only crosses over to the down chart near the bottom end of the down pyramid. We usually equate PrimaLoft One as the equivalent of down in the 500 to 550 range. You could not replace a 900-filll-power down garment with PrimaLoft One and expect to get the same performance in dry conditions. However, wet down doesn’t even come close to the bottom end of the synthetic pyramid in regard to thermal performance. As soon as you get down wet, you lose a lot of its thermal properties.


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