REI and our evening jog

I have to admit, we haven’t been the best parenthletes this week. We’ve been over consumed with work just days from launching and quite honestly the rainy weather hasn’t helped us either. We could go to the gym which is literally just down the street from us and even has a cresh to watch our baby. But we’d rather stay at home, veg out and enjoy a beer. Hey, we’re human. But 3 days without a nice refreshing run gets me a bit edgy. Call us crazy but we really do enjoy long runs, taking in all that winter sunshine that we so need. I always feel so energized, and literally stress free after a run. Those hormones released from exercise are amazing aren’t they?

We also checked out the new REI store down in soho today and I think they have just met their new regulars. What a great way to use the Puck building in my opinion. I instantly felt like I was at one of those ski stores in Colorado. Everyone is polite and very knowledgable of their gear- something I have come to appreciate being in the outerwear market. I remember going into a well-known high-end baby store here in the city and being told by the sales rep that the bunting I was looking at kept babies warm up to 300 degrees. REALLY!?!?! Talk about nice and ROASTED! Back to the ever blissful REI, they have an amazing story of how they started and why. They are not only a clothing store, but their bigger picture is their giving back to the community and encouraging an adventurous lifestyle.

Issy in her Snug², getting her ready for our 38 degree jog out there. We picked up this very light, but warm and breathable fleece onesie to use as her base layer. That’s all she has to wear under her Snug². (that bright light is the reflective trim on the Snug² which is great for when you are running outdoors)


One comment on “REI and our evening jog

  1. Its great to see such great new stores coming to Manhattan (Eastern Mountain Sports also recently opened on the Upper West). I’ve been a long time fan of Paragon in Union Square, but it can get crowded – all this new competition – that can only be a good thing for us consumers!

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