Goal setting for the Parenthlete Soul!

I got a call the other day from a well-known TV producer asking about what this “parenthlete” term is all about. I laughed and said, “well, you’re going to laugh because it’s really very simple. Parenthlete means parent athlete mushed together”. We had a pretty good conversation thereafter about life. The next few days I started to remember important events in my life, sort of like connecting my dots of life. I remembered a few lessons that my parents have taught me that has gotten me through my toughest moments in life. I even use it for my triathlon training. Hey whatever works right?

1) Be CERTAIN of what you want in life and DONT doubt it for a second.

2) When life makes it harder for you to get what you want, push back even harder. FIGHT for what you want. It’s life’s way of testing whether you really want it.

3) Don’t lose faith. Religious or not, believe in YOU.

4) Always remember to be THANKFUl.

Another lesson I remembered was from a high school teacher I had. He once was a NAVY Seal and was seriously intense but kind when I actually got to know him. He use to always say “Nothing is impossible. There is ALWAYS a way to do things”. He taught me how to answer every question this way.


2) WHO

3) WHY


5) HOW Economically

6) HOW Politically

7) HOW Environmentally

This is how I answered my burning question as a new parent.

1) WHAT: We want to be the best role models for our daughter. How do we live a Parenthlete lifestyle.

2) WHO: This is for our daughter, for ourselves, and for OUR future.

3) WHY: There is an obesity epidemic, rising juvenile diabetes and heart disease, and global warming. For hubby and I, we want to live long, healthy, adventurous, and spontaneous lives together.


5) HOW economically: Living healthier reduces the risk of disease therefore fewer trips to the hospital. Have you seen our countries debt problem?? It’s seriously scary. More healthier people and better environment is what we need. If you are wondering for yourself, a Healthy You is a Wealthy You.

6) How politically: Not gonna go into this. This one is different for everyone.

7) How Environmentally: Making ethical choices in consumption of food,products and waste . We can do our part in saving our beautiful environment.

The reality is folks, to do things right, you have to plan in advance. We all have jam packed lives.  At the beginning of the year, my husband and I write 12 goals for the year. A couple big ones and many small ones. We make them as specific as possible, kind of like making a road map for your year. The next thing we do is to plan out our week and work towards those goals. This is a table I use to help us do all the things we want to do in a BALANCED and HEALTHY way.

Tips: I fill this out on friday. Weekends I shut down my work brain. FLEXIBILITY is key here but try to stick to it as much as possible.

I use this table to plan out all our healthy organic home cooked meals, our to-dos, exercise, groceries, me time. Family time is a freeby and should be done as OFTEN as possible. THat includes tickling and cuddling your baby, kissing your hubby, buying your wife flowers 🙂

Notice that I put weather under dates: I don’t like the gym that much, so if the weather is good, im enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. Running, hiking, picnics, beach strolling…..



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