Forget the Benjamins

Living in Manhattan with a family, it seems that $80 is what you spend on a simple chinese takeout. Forget about dinner at our favorite Babbo…”I’ll just do dishes for you for the rest of the year to pay for this meal Mr Batali :)”.  So I’ve been thinking about doing a little at home research project about our favorite subject, FOOD! A lot of people will agree that eating healthy meals is for the rich and this is why America is getting fatter. To an extent it may be true, but I feel this is 95% false.  I want to prove this wrong and show how eating heathy meals on a budget can be done. So keep those Benjamins for your piggy bank and let’s splurge with those (as Wyclef says) dolla dolla bills Y’All!!


Can you feed a family of 3 (mom, dad, and toddler) a healthy, home cooked, organic meal under $20 every day? This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner all for under $20.


1. I will take with me a $20 bill for each day of the week, maximum of $140 for the week for groceries.

2. Groceries done solely at Whole Foods, Columbus Circle (if you are not aware, this is one of the most expensive grocery stores in the country). I’m choosing WF to be at the extreme of cost to prove my point.

3. Meals have to be balanced, nutritious, tasty, and FAST to make. Vegetarian options will also be available.


I will post my results daily starting tomorrow.


This will be posted next week Tuesday.

At a private party with Wyclef before his concert. Was unreal!


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