Oh You Pretty Thing

Don’t you know you’re driving your Mamas and Papas insane!!

Don’t you just love Davie Bowie? I know we do here. Recently our little Issy has reached a whole new level of fitness, charisma, magic abilities, and ingenuity. At 22 going on 23 months old, she’s in baby years a seasoned little thing. I see so much of myself and PD in her personality that it tends to freak me out at times. I for instance was quite the bully and mischievous girl, and I’ve been told that PD was the same (minus the bullying, he’s very sweet).

Never did I imagine that a tiny adorable human being could make their parents pull their hair out and  change their voices from normal to exorcist in 0.2 seconds. You go from saying “No” to “I said Nooo”, to “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhharrrrghhhhhhhooooooo”. That’s exorcist talk.

Little Issy’s next move is to reach over and give us that cute look she does and give us a kiss. At that point, the exorcist has pulverized and the care bear in us comes out. Rainbows and hugs everywhere.  If you don’t agree that Issy has some sort of magic or mind controlling powers, then you should see and experience for yourself.

Event #1  Issy the real life Elmyra Duff

We have a dog, Barkley. If you are thinking of getting a dog but are wondering what breed is good to get when having children, look no further. Cardigan Welsh Corgi’s were originally bred to watch over the young children thousands of years ago, as well as herd sheep. Besides being cute, cuddly and lover of food, they are quite the passive and submissive sort of dogs. We caught Issy tormenting Barkley the other day. We weren’t sure what she was doing to him to make him yelp because as soon as we saw them she was sitting with a smile like “it wasn’t me”. So PD put his iphone and we set it on face time so that we could use my iphone to see what was going on. You wouldn’t believe what we saw. As soon as mom and dad left the scene, Issy got up, looked to make sure we were gone from the hall, then walked over to Barkley and pulled his ear then ran back to her seat. Matt and I were speechless, and not in the good way. How can a 22 month old be that cunning?! Then I started to wonder, “where did she learn this?!?!?”. I use to be like that but it can’t possibly be genetics!

Is she seriously entering her terrible 2’s? I was told that this phase really starts at 1. I thought to myself when the pediatrician told us that, “Oh ok, it’s really not that bad then”. Boy, can she push our buttons.

She’s a lot of fun to be around, the best sort of company. I like to refer to her as my firecracker in my pocket. As we walk through the city, she’s constantly saying “Byeeee, See yaaaaa”. She’s thoughtful you know, she see’s all those stressed out Manhattanites and gives them a little wave to make them smile for a second.

Issy is very creative. She loves music and art and loves to share her creativeness with the world. 2 weeks from giving birth to Issy, we went to a Jay-Z concert with some friends, sat just a few rows from the stage. Perhaps that is why she loves to dance to JayZ and the black eyed peas. Her creativeness is shown all over our lovely white walls. “Thanks honey, I knew our walls needed some more color”. Stickers, stickers and more stickers! If you have a little one, start collecting stickers and invest in buying a good scraper to remove those stickers from the walls, floors, hair, body, windows, and yes on your dog as well. Oh and buy lots of windex to clean off the crayola artwork on your windows. Well, we have floor to ceiling windows so it’s very easy for her to leave her “mark” on those windows.

Can’t believe how fast time flies. You notice it more as parents and watch your children grow.

   Early days of Issy and Barkley getting to know each other


2 comments on “Oh You Pretty Thing

  1. Great post! That dog must take a lot of kiddie abuse! We have three dogs and we are pretty nervous about the whole mobile infant and terrible two’s stage with them…

    FaceTime is something we’ve used too! Helpful little tool eh? Until she sees PD’s phone and grabs it! Hah

  2. We wish we had enough space for 3 dogs! Someday…Terrible twos catches you when you least expect it. We love face time, especially when we put Elmo on the screen and Issy thinks it’s really Elmo calling.

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