Hurdles and Glories of Life, according to a triathlete

As I was getting ready for bed last night, I had a conversation with PD about the similarities between triathlons, transitions and life. I thought that this would be a great way to explain changes, perseverance, learning from mistakes and glory to our daughter Issy some day. If you are not familiar with what goes on in a triathlon, this will get you started.

A Triathlon is comprised of 3 sports. You start with swimming, then on to cycling, and end with a run. In between each segment you have what is called a transition where you change into your clothing and gear for your next stage. There are several types of distances available in triathlons. Sprint, Olympic, half Ironman, and Ironman. Preparing for a triathlon takes a lot of planning, training, good nutrition, but most of all A LOT of determination and desire.

In the same way, life has many stages of it. You have a childhood, followed by young adult life, then your career life. You go through some major transitions in life. I remember the day my parents helped me move into my college apartment and seeing them drive away. I was scared to death to start college and to be starting a life away from home. But in time I collected myself and just dove into the college lifestyle and absolutely loved it.

My next transition began when I decided to move to NYC for a career in medicine. It was always my dream to do this, and to finally be stepping into it was a terrifying thing to do. Once again though, I picked up and began my journey through this stage of life.

Like triathlons, I see the childhood portion of life as the sprint distance of a triathlon. It’s completely new to you. Sometimes you prepare fully for your first event. Everything could be going great, and all of a sudden your tire blows. You have to stop and fix it. At times people may even stop and help you out. You will more than likely have someone slow down and ask if you are ok and sometimes none at all. But you always get up and continue. There are even times that you end up not finishing that race because maybe you injured yourself or your bike just gave out…but you never just sit there and spend the rest of your life sitting.  In my life, I’ve had many opportunities that were cut short, or I moved on to better opportunities. The important thing here is that I learned as much as I could from each event whether a failure or success. Yet there were many times I didn’t learn and I continued making the same mistake. We are human and we can allow ourselves to make some mistakes but don’t fall into this mentality forever.

Teamwork in Marriage:

On another note, PD and I went for a long jog yesterday in preparation for my race at the NYC half marathon in march. As we ran, him pushing the jogging stroller, I noticed our body language. I’m not much of talker, in fact I really do not like to talk during running. I like focusing on my ‘zone’ if you know what I mean. PD would usually be running ahead of me. Sometimes I felt stronger and ran ahead of him, and we alternated this way throughout our run. At times, I would see him a little uncomfortable so I would help him out by pushing the jogger. If either of us are hurt, we always slow down together. Someone once told me, a relationship works well when you are a good team. This I find is true. Like my college soccer days, the more time you spend with your team scrimaging together, the better you become at working as a unit.


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