Jump start your family happiness

It’s FRIDAY! Do you have your weekend planned yet?  There are many ways in which to boost our mood, and the overall happiness of you and your family.  Here are some food and activity suggestions you can do this weekend to improve your health and happiness for the whole family.

We hear so much these days about obesity, heart disease, and even death! It almost sounds like they are trying to scare you out of eating. But eating the right food can actually cure the body and soul. Here are our top 5 choices on happy foods.

1: Milk– Full of calcium and Vitamin D. 1 to 2 glasses per day will boost that mood of yours. No wonder babies are so happy!

2: Brown Rice, whole wheat bread/pasta– Despite what the media says, carbs are good for you and can increase serotonin and your energy! Choosing the right carbs are essential in keeping insulin levels low , such as brown rice over white. Fruits such as papaya and dates are also great.

3: Salmon– Full of Omega 3 Fatty acids, it helps increase blood circulation and reduce anxiety!

4: Tofu – High in protein, low in fat and cholesterol. Choose the firm tofu over the soft for full benefits.

5: Spinach – This green leafy vegetable is full of iron which helps in production of hemoglobin, muscle and brain function.


1: Wake up early – A recent study at Harvard showed that people who wake up early are more proactive, achieve more, are healthier and more active, and spend more time with their family.

2: Plan an outing outdoors – Go out for a hike, a walk at the beach, run, cycle!

3: Beat the crowds – Go out for  walk to your favorite coffee shop early in the morning. Pick up your favorite newspaper, coffee, and enjoy the peaceful morning.

4: Skip the saturday morning cartoons – round-up for a healthy breakfast and plan your adventures for the day. Make whole wheat waffles and put healthy toppings on the side so the kids can make their own creative healthy meals. 

5: Have some me time: Get a blank notebook and re-visit your goals for the year. Frame these goals and hang them somewhere at home where you will see them daily. Bathroom is a good spot.


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