FAV Spotlight: Reykjavik, Iceland


Ranked number 1 in Forbes magazine as the healthiest city to live in, Reykjavik offers breathtaking scenery, and CLEAN water everywhere (their hot or cold fountain of youth). With one of the world’s highest life expectancy at 81.5, you will surely come back feeling younger! Continue reading


Introducing FAV of the Week

Vacations are great. Vacations where you come back healthier and happier are awesome. On a recent post about goal setting, we mentioned the importance of rewarding yourself and your family for accomplishing a major goal.

Each week we will review a healthy city to plan your next FAV (Family Adventure Vacation).  Not just an ordinary sightseeing vacation, but one where you can sign up for an event whether a tri, marathon, or some mountaineering. Of course we will throw in a few secrets on where to stay, what to eat, and what to do! This is a great way to get you motivated to train for your adventure abroad, and give yourself and your family a purpose and goal for getting fit and healthy. With an exciting  F.A.V. planned out, we’re positive junior will make mommy and daddy take those stairs and skip the elevator to get you prepped for that hike you have signed up for!

Losing a leg, and ice climbing

A while back while our blog was just starting I wrote this post labour-day-weekend-and-a-little-about-legs/ .

It has been an eventful week here, with the removal of a leg. That being my day job, where i worked in Wall St. Apparently 200,000 or so fell into this fate last year FT-Life After Wall Street, for a read about how some are coping (or not) with this change. Continue reading

Glamping and camping with baby

I remember a big portion of my childhood being outdoors. We use to spend most if not all our weekends hanging out at the park, the zoo, the beach, museums, outdoor markets, you name it. But then, having grown up in San Diego where the weather is so nice all year round, it’s a lot easier to enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer. Continue reading

We are going on an Expotition!

Its been an eventful few days in the parenthlete household. A few days ago we decided to climb Mount Pisco. It was one of those impulsive decisions that came about by a chance encounter. Of course you do not choose an undertaking such as this purely on impulse, I had been debating last year whether to do Kili or not. What had been putting me off was that while being by all accounts an amazing experience, it is not a technical climb and devoting so much time, effort and money into such a trip I would like to come back home with some grounding to possibly take on a bigger mountain. Continue reading

Everest Anyone?

Well not quite Everest yet, but Team SNUG SCIENCE (PD and I) have just signed up for our first serious expedition….climb to the summit of Mt. Pisco in Peru! We are really excited to join the most knowledgable expedition guides, Satori Adventures & Expeditions in July 2012!! We are thrilled! Ever done this? Let us know! We’d love to hear all about it and what your next one is!

This is a link from Satori Adventures and Expeditions for their Mt. Pisco trip.