“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” – Plato 380BC

That exercise is important and healthy is certainly not in dispute, its interesting to see such aged quotes on the subject. Continue reading


Jump start your family happiness

It’s FRIDAY! Do you have your weekend planned yet?  There are many ways in which to boost our mood, and the overall happiness of you and your family.  Here are some food and activity suggestions you can do this weekend to improve your health and happiness for the whole family. Continue reading

On to the next one…

One of my goals this year was to be more flexible with my routine. Most of my life I have been very strict with my routines and noticed that to an extent it was good when I was single but just didn’t work now that I have a family. So top on my list of 12 goals for this year, I added “Be more flexible with routines and learn to use time effectively”. With PD’s recent job loss, I’ve had to rearrange my day. The first couple of days were strange but once I found my new balance, things seem to be better now.  I think I was most scared to see the mental impact of a job loss unfold because I have been through it myself, so I began to make changes and take action to help my husband embrace his new change in life. These are a few of the most important things I think a partner should do to help move on to bigger and better things post job loss. Continue reading

On the 99% (us)

The ‘99%’ has received plenty of press coverage recently with the financial crisis and protests against capitalism. However, the issues underlying the wealth divergence are less widely looked over, and sometimes criticized for a lack of clear direction.

It is a FACT that the divergence between the richest and poorest is growing, and has done substantially over the last 30 years. Take these statistics: Continue reading

Join us at REI Soho March 8th 7pm

Are you a parent? Expecting? Tired of sitting on the couch, or spending your weekends sitting in a circle singing kid songs? Do you love the outdoors? Parenting doesn’t have to end up with a muffin top and your weekends at chuckee cheese. You CAN be fit, enjoy the outdoors, have an adventurous lifestyle and still have a family. Come meet other parents like you, sign up for events, learn about active parent gear, and a chance to win some free stuff!


Forget the Benjamins

Living in Manhattan with a family, it seems that $80 is what you spend on a simple chinese takeout. Forget about dinner at our favorite Babbo…”I’ll just do dishes for you for the rest of the year to pay for this meal Mr Batali :)”.  So I’ve been thinking about doing a little at home research project about our favorite subject, FOOD! Continue reading

Science of Staying Warm

(or what you should be wearing when you see this)

It has been the coldest weekend of the year here so far in New york, this was taken in Central Park on sunday morning during my morning walk with Barkley. It was a bitterly cold morning even Central Park was quiet with only a few fellow dog walkers and joggers. Continue reading

Its freezing! Is your baby warm?

As a New Yorker, your main mode of transportation is your two feet. If you have a baby like we do, it means bringing baby along in the stroller. Every morning I take Issy and our welsh corgi Barkley out for a walk. Central Park is at its most enjoyable early in the morning before 9am, when the local new yorkers take their pups out for off leash hours. The warmer months are filled with strollers and as the cold months set in the mom or dad walking that stroller is stroller less. But wait! You dont have to leave baby home! Here are some tips on how to dress your baby warmly in the freezing temperatures.

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To a healthy Thanksgiving

This year, my family is coming over for Thanksgiving and then we are spending Christmas in Europe with PD’s family. My diet has been mainly vegetarian since birth so Turkey has never really been present for my Thanksgivings. My mom usually made an aromatic tofu turkey but this year we are doing the cooking and opting for non traditional.  So im spending most of my afternoon preparing the thanksgiving meal and a short trip to the manufacturers to check on progress. High on my list is making a tasty yet healthy meal we can all enjoy. Ofcourse we have a jog or two penciled into our calendars sometime this weekend as we’ve fallen in love with our Five Fingers. Highly recommend them.

This is what we are cooking:


Red energy Salad: beets, red cabbage, red onion, cranberries, almonds and chia seeds. Dash of olive oil and vinegar.


Creamy cauliflower soup with roasted onions (cauliflower, skim milk, flower, potato, onion, garlic, thyme, oregano, sage, vegetable stock, salt and pepper to taste)

Main (Parenthlete Dad cooking the mains):

Creamy Mushroom Ragu over fresh made pasta with shaved Truffles on top

Filet Mignon a la Matt 🙂


Herbed Brussel Sprouts and french pearl onions

Garlic sauted Spinach

Sarabeths Biscuits

Rosemary and garlic roasted potatos

Roasted corn on the cob

sauted mushrooms

cranberry sauce with chil tepin essence


Sugar free pumpin pies