“Getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory!”

Ed Viesturs, legendary mountaineer, he is one of only 26 people and the only one from the United States to have climbed all eight-thousander peaks


Losing a leg, and ice climbing

A while back while our blog was just starting I wrote this post labour-day-weekend-and-a-little-about-legs/ .

It has been an eventful week here, with the removal of a leg. That being my day job, where i worked in Wall St. Apparently 200,000 or so fell into this fate last year FT-Life After Wall Street, for a read about how some are coping (or not) with this change. Continue reading

Healthy Meals on a budget continued…

I wrote a post about healthy meals on a budget. Specifically making 3 healthy meals a day for a family of 3 under $20 buying the ingredients from Whole Foods. I did this for a few days then realized we were away for the weekend for a last minute ski trip. I decided that instead of making up new recipes, I would try and make the sort of food we make at home at the moment and see if there is a way we can make it within this budget. So far so good. Continue reading

Glamping and camping with baby

I remember a big portion of my childhood being outdoors. We use to spend most if not all our weekends hanging out at the park, the zoo, the beach, museums, outdoor markets, you name it. But then, having grown up in San Diego where the weather is so nice all year round, it’s a lot easier to enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer. Continue reading

On the 99% (us)

The ‘99%’ has received plenty of press coverage recently with the financial crisis and protests against capitalism. However, the issues underlying the wealth divergence are less widely looked over, and sometimes criticized for a lack of clear direction.

It is a FACT that the divergence between the richest and poorest is growing, and has done substantially over the last 30 years. Take these statistics: Continue reading

Join us at REI Soho March 8th 7pm

Are you a parent? Expecting? Tired of sitting on the couch, or spending your weekends sitting in a circle singing kid songs? Do you love the outdoors? Parenting doesn’t have to end up with a muffin top and your weekends at chuckee cheese. You CAN be fit, enjoy the outdoors, have an adventurous lifestyle and still have a family. Come meet other parents like you, sign up for events, learn about active parent gear, and a chance to win some free stuff!


Oh You Pretty Thing

Don’t you know you’re driving your Mamas and Papas insane!!

Don’t you just love Davie Bowie? I know we do here. Recently our little Issy has reached a whole new level of fitness, charisma, magic abilities, and ingenuity. At 22 going on 23 months old, she’s in baby years a seasoned little thing. I see so much of myself and PD in her personality that it tends to freak me out at times. I for instance was quite the bully and mischievous girl, and I’ve been told that PD was the same (minus the bullying, he’s very sweet). Continue reading


How did you spend your Valentines day? This year PD and I celebrated our 4th Valentines Day. First year, we were just a few months into dating and he took me to Morimoto’s here in NYC. The food was really amazing and even got to meet chef Morimoto himself. Now on our 4th Valentine, you would never guess what he got me. Most women would probably throw a fit if they received this as a Vday gift, including me about a year ago. Continue reading