Baby checklist for the new & ACTIVE parent

So you’ve just had a baby or perhaps you are due quite soon. Either way, congratulations. The lame people might say, “this is the end of your life”. But in our experience, “folks this is the begining of your REAL adventure. The best thing you can do for YOU and your new growing family is to incorporate an active and healthy lifestyle. With the growing rate of obesity and juvenile diabetes all across the globe, it is super important that you be the best role model for your baby from the beggining. You might be surprised at how much better you will feel after a 30 minute walk outside with your baby and even better after you realize how much better baby will sleep at night! This week we will be blogging about jumpstarting your active lifestyle and how easy it is to incorporate a Parenthlete lifestyle now.

Here are our top 10 things favorite products and things to do to get you motivated and ACTIVE! (baby included)

1. Jogging StrollerMountain Buggy terrain $499

A good jogging stroller will certainly change your life. Im not much of a gym lover, so as much as I can, I try to do all my training outdoors.  Running is a great way to get you back in shape and I bet you that Junior will enjoy every minute of those long rides. There are so many option out there but this is our favorite. The Mountain buggy was perfect for us because of a few reasons.

1) The handle bar is adjustable which was very important for us, me being petite at 5’4″ and my husband at 6’1″. We had the BOB which i loved, but if he ever pushed it, his posture was horrible and ended up having knee pain along the way. The adjustable handle bar allowed my husband to adjust it to his height and can run with good running posture now.

2) Manueverability is AMAZING in this. You can lock the wheel for runs or let it swivel for in town use. It is really made for all terrain. We have even taken this on some rocky hikes and it did pretty well I have to say.

3) Bassinet: If you are looking for an all around stroller, this is perfect because you can actually attach a bassinet to it for your new baby and then add the chair when they are ready for it. The seat can fully recline so that baby  can lie flat which I have found useful for long runs.

4) Storage: For a jogging stroller this has pretty good storage underneath and several pockets for your water bottles, baby bottles, etc…

2. Fall/Winter Bunting bagSnug² by Snug Science $199 – $250

A little inside scoop about the Snug² story. This was originally designed for parents jogging with a jogging stroller. This is THE bunting bag for active parents. The material and design was tested in all sorts of harsh winter weather, from pouring rain, to freezing windy conditions, to blizzards.

1) This is the only bunting bag in the market to offer a 1 piece (no additional pieces) to extend the bottom, built in sleeves, and best of its kind PrimaLoft insulation. This is extremely important in creating a nice comfy warm zone for the baby to be in while the parent is jogging.

2) Minimal openings=maximum insulation:  You don’t want openings at the bottom where cold air can continuously flow in.

3) Sleeves! If you are going out for long runs, it’s always important to let your baby use their hands to play or hold their bottle while staying warm. When the baby wants to use his/her hands, just simply put the sleeves on and there you go!

4) Minimal clothing needed: What I find most useful of the Snug is that its insulation works so well in keeping warmth in, that you can literally put your baby in just his/her jammies and out you go into that freezing winter run you love. Hey, busy parents need all the help they can get and fighting with junior to put on his coat is not one you love!

5) Most bang for your buck: It’s water resistant, windproof, breathable, hypoallergenic, stain resistant, lightweight, and rated UPF 40!

Winter is a great time to train for your running, and this is a great product to allow you to continue running with baby in a warm snug place.


3. Comfy Baby CarrierErgo baby $135

The ergo baby is my favorite choice of carriers. It’s cute and my daughter loves it even till this day.

1) You can wear it in the front or as a backpack for those hikes you love.

2) It has a cover for their head and the straps are seriously comfy for me.

As an active parent, this is a must have.

4. Stylish GYMBER bag (a.k.a. gym/diaper bag) – Destined for Greatness Duffel by Lululemon $128

The lululemon bag is just plan awesome.

So what is a gymber bag anyways? I call my gym bags, gymber bags now that I have a baby. Just as your mancave has now become mostly if not 100% a lady cave, my gym bag has now been replaced by a gymber bag. In my gym bag you’ll find my workout clothes, a pair of vibram five fingers, swimsuit and gera, cycling clips, some GU. On the other side you’ll find diapers, wipes, snacks, milk bottle, sippy cup, toy, hat, extra clothes. You get the point? I find most baby bags to be a bit too cutesy tootsy. I don’t like walking into the gym carrying a gym bag and a diaper bag, instead i’ve found a few cool (big enough ) gym bags where I can carry it all and still look stylish in it.

1)This bag is the perfect size and has several compartments for your stuff, and babies stuff.

2) Easy to clean and water resistant. Babies wipes should come included with your baby!

3) Labeled compartments! How many times have you found yourself emptying out the contents of your baby bag looking for those darn keys (baby crying in stroller). I know we have. This makes it so much more neater and easy to find. If only we had that for the rest of our life!


5. bottle/toy holder   booginHead $7.50

Thank YOU to whomever invented this great device. I’ll tell you why you MUST have several of these attached to your stroller.

Scenario 1: You are jogging next to cyclists and baby decides to throw out her baby bottle like a piece of trash. Bottle falls in front of cyclists path, and cyclist swerves almost hitting a curve. Mommy is blistering red with ambarrasment.

Scenario 2: You are walking down spring street in Soho and baby decides to throw out baby bottle again, except this time it falls in a puddle of disgusting manhattan dirty street water. Sorry, but am not picking that up to bring home, that is going straight to the bin.

At only $7.50, these are inexpensive and will save you a lot of “accidents”.

6. baby sunscreen and cleansing wipes – Coola Baby organic sunscreen $34 & YES to Carrots baby wipes $5.99

These two will definetly be used and abused. As an active parent, you will spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. A piece of advice given by the oldest triathlete at 91 years old in an article was “protect your skin!”. That goes for you and especially for baby. Coola baby organic sunscreen is a really great choice. Besides being 100% natural, its also paraben free and ULTRA waterproof. Babies love the water and having a runny-free gentle sunscreen is a must have.

YES to carrots products are awesome. You should see my bathroom, its like a fruit and vegetable patch…organic of course. I tried these YES to carrots baby wipes and fell in love. They smell amazing, are super gentle and are really soft on my babies silky skin. The best part of these is that they are made with natural saline, Vitamin E, and organic carrots!! I love them!


7. workout clothes

Ok, so baby is all set for your active lifestyle. Now you need some active clothing that actually works!

I have a whole new “active” wardrobe but these are a few of my favorites to use for running.

1) Lululemon Run swiftly tech long sleeve  $68

This top is so soft and  fits so nice that you wish you could go to sleep in it!

I love this shirt because 1) Its lightweight 2) its seamless so NO chaffing! 3) It guzzles up your sweat so you don’t walk around as a real life “sweaty betty”

2) REI Winterflyte jacket  $99.50

My husband got this for me and I tried it yesterday for the first time. I was amazed at how good it worked. It was a REALLY cold and windy day running by the river. This jacket kept me warm and dry. It’s also very lightweight, has lots of pockets, and its breathable too!

3) CWX Pro running tights $100

When I first bought these I was training for the NYC Nautica tri and started to get annoying knee pain while running. Someone told me about these and I went out to buy them. Im such a fan of these compression pants now that I never leave out for a run without them. They really do provide stability for those running legs of yours. I was actually able to run for longer and faster while training with these.

8. Race registrations to motivate

The best way to jumpstart your active lifestyle is to enroll NOW. Getting a spot in the NYC Triathlon was the biggest motivator for my husband and I. We even signed up for a few more as preparations for the big day. By entering a race, you will immediately feel motivated, and accomplished. You are now on the road to getting active, and you won’t believe how much support there is out there for you. Below are some great sites to get you started. So go on, sign up for a race TODAY! If you can, you should do it with a charity like Team in Training. They offer great training support, and talk about motivation. Another option: While I was doing the NYC triathlon, I noticed that the fittest, fiercest, and fastest looking team was the terrier tri team. Those puppys are INTENSE!


Of course, another motivator for you moms is to get yourself a bikini and dads get yourself some trunks! I wait until I have finished my main triathlon of the year to go out and buy a bathing suit. Why? It’s so much more fun to go bikini shopping when your body has finally earned it and you can try them on! It’s a great time to recollect, and rejoice your long endured training to finally get to your desired beach body. What I do DO now is browse the web and search for brands that I would like to buy and put those bathing suits in my “wishlist”. This specific one is from J Crew swimwear. They had a very cute collection last year. I got myself a couple for our trip. Another great brand that I love is Billabong because they actually fit great! Oh and don’t forget to get a rashguart, you know you want to take some surfing lessons while at the beach!

10. Gift trip for accomplishing the race!!

Our pick: Four Seasons Hualalai, Hawaii

You MUST remember to treat yourself to a gift for all your accomplishments. This trip we planned was the biggest motivator for my husband and I. Yes, it was quite the splurge, but worth every penny.

Hawai’i is one of those magical islands that really makes you feel like you are in heaven. This resort made us feel like we were in heavens heaven. Talk about being kid friendly! This place had it all for our baby. From an organic all you can eat kids buffet by the pool, to cots by your lounging, to babysitter service. It was incredible.

A healthy lifestyle is the most priceless gift you can give your family. You will feel and look fantastic, your children will learn that an active lifestyle is “normal” and should be a part of your lifestyle to live long and fruitful years. Cheers, Salud, Kanpai!  to a healthy life!