“Getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory!”

Ed Viesturs, legendary mountaineer, he is one of only 26 people and the only one from the United States to have climbed all eight-thousander peaks


Losing a leg, and ice climbing

A while back while our blog was just starting I wrote this post labour-day-weekend-and-a-little-about-legs/ .

It has been an eventful week here, with the removal of a leg. That being my day job, where i worked in Wall St. Apparently 200,000 or so fell into this fate last year FT-Life After Wall Street, for a read about how some are coping (or not) with this change. Continue reading

We are going on an Expotition!

Its been an eventful few days in the parenthlete household. A few days ago we decided to climb Mount Pisco. It was one of those impulsive decisions that came about by a chance encounter. Of course you do not choose an undertaking such as this purely on impulse, I had been debating last year whether to do Kili or not. What had been putting me off was that while being by all accounts an amazing experience, it is not a technical climb and devoting so much time, effort and money into such a trip I would like to come back home with some grounding to possibly take on a bigger mountain. Continue reading

Science of Staying Warm

(or what you should be wearing when you see this)

It has been the coldest weekend of the year here so far in New york, this was taken in Central Park on sunday morning during my morning walk with Barkley. It was a bitterly cold morning even Central Park was quiet with only a few fellow dog walkers and joggers. Continue reading

The changing seasons

We live in New York, which means 4 real seasons.  Having lived in London most my life previously I’m used to this, but the New York seasons take it up a notch.  A by product of having such a cold winter seems to be a fascination with winter clothing, looking around the city this generally seems to mean “which North Face jacket shall i buy this year.” Continue reading

Dear Issy…

Its true what they say about parenthood changing your outlook on life. The trials of pregnancy and then the ordeal of labor are some of the bigger challenges, and thats just from the dad’s perspective! I can only imagine how hard it is for the mother. At the end though is the start of a new and (for me) more rewarding part of life. Issy is our first baby (dogs excluded) and coming on 16m, learning new tricks everyday. Its one of the biggest adjustments in life you will make when that first baby arrives, and in the process we learnt a lot about ourselves and what is really important. – PD

Shedding those baby pounds..

…and we are not talking about those  gained by the mother.

Yes, I was surprised to find that weight gain during pregnancy is not limited to the mother to be! According to surveys men gain on average 14 pounds – New York Times reasons being more frequent eating out, bigger portions and so on. I can add that from personal experience if you were not the types who would even share a dessert that you will soon be ordering at least 2 of the things EVERY SINGLE TIME. Indeed rather then eating less as your ravenous partner seems to devour unnatural quantities of food, the man decides perhaps in a game of competition to similarly increase efforts to consume .  Call it ‘sympathy  eating’ if you like, I prefer the more honest ‘ if she is having that i am too!’ , and chances are you will eat more then usual and you still are only eating for one. Continue reading